Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Bertie on the sick.

Bertie my faithful assistant is off on the sick with a bad leg, I think he is just skiving really, if he does not come back from the vets with a sick note, I may have to dock his dog biscuits.
I will have to do me patrols on me own for a while now, he will soon be back out on the bank again I am sure.

Get Well Soon BERTIE

Club Bailiff's - Legally Protect Yourself.

Farb Gel Criminal Identifier - Self Defence Spray

100% legal in the UK.
Farb Gel Spray

(Does NOT Contain Pepper)

Around £7.99 a can from Amazon.co.uk

This item is 100% legal, when I first purchased this product I took it to my local Police station and showed it to the duty sergeant, who confirmed that it was indeed legal to carry & use in the UK. 

Every Club Bailiff or Fishery Bailiff has to approach people that very often, we have never met before, this can be very risky. we need a way of legally defending ourselves, well here is a solution to the problem that has saved me more than once.

I have been assaulted on more than one occasion, Farb Gel has saved me both times, once you spray the offender with Farb Gel everything seems to change, it can give you those vital seconds to protect yourself or get away to safety.

The only thing I would say is, if you do need to use it, even if you only use part of the can, replace it as the Farb Gel seems to change in thickness once some has been released.

I have spoken to several groups, Dog Walkers, Joggers & Door Supervisors and other vulnerable people in my area all of them now carry Farb Gel, shame to have to, but unfortunately a sign of the times.

The product can also be purchased with a pouch to put onto a utility belt, or on a lanyard to wear it around your neck.

Please note that I am in no way connected with the product, I am simply a user of it, who has benefited from it through personal experience.




Researching Lydney Canal

The Lydney Canal, which must be the shortest canal in England. It is only 1 mile in length, it looks very good in places for fishing and I have heard lots of stories from the locals of big fish being in there, well I intend to find out.
I am going to be doing a year long study into this great little water that is right on my doorstep, I shall be monitoring everything from water condition to fish catches throughout 2019.
If anybody would like to join in & work with me in anyway, then please get in touch, my contact details are on the Contact page.
Please watch the articles section for our progress under Lydney Canal

3 x TFG Banshee's

I have 3 x TFG Banshee carp rods For Sale, they are 2.75lb test curve and in excellent condition, they have had very little use.

I am only selling due to an upgrade, Collection Only from Lydney, Gloucestershire.

£25 each or £70 the three.

Contact me on 07704 931159

Bertie on the sick.

Bertie my faithful assistant is off on the sick with a bad leg, I think he is just skiving really, if he does not come back from the...